Galjaard Lecture

The Galjaard lecture is named after prof.dr Hans Galjaard, initiated to honour scientists that successfully brought the subject of "Genetics" to the attention of the general public

Galjaard Lecture 2018

(Maandag 2 Oktober)

Prof.dr. Nine Knoerss

(UMCG, Groningen)

Towards the genetics clinic of the future: from genetics in kidney diseases to genetics at the heart of healthcare




Galjaard Lecture 2016

(Vrijdag 5 Februari)

Prof.dr. Jan Hoeijmakers

(Erasmus MC, Rotterdam)

Maintaining Nature's Perfection: DNA Repair, Cancer, Aging and Longevity




Galjaard Lecture 2014

(Vrijdag 3 Oktober)

Prof.dr. Gert-Jan van Ommen

(LUMC, Leiden)

From molecule to medicine: bumps, potholes and progress





Galjaard Lecture 2012

(Vrijdag 21 september)

Prof.dr. Gert Matthijs

(Universiteit Leuven, België)

Next Generation Sequencing and Diagnostics: the Sky is the limit but this place is Earth

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