Programme   (draft)

NVHG symposium 2018

1 & 2 oktober

te Papendal

At the meeting a short printed program will be available. All other material (program book, abstracts) will be available in electronic format only.

Monday October 1, 2018

10.00      Registration (open until 11.00)

10.30      Opening and Plenary session

  • 10.30-11.10     Mihai Netea (Nijmegen, NL)  -  Human Functional Genomics Project: understanding host defense heterogeneity
  • 11.15-11.45     winning Rolduc presentation 2018
                                  Mohamed Alimohamed (Groningen, NL)  -  DNA test for translocation detection in acute leukemias using targeted locus amplification
  • 11.50-12.30     Richard Scott (London, UK)  -  Lessons from the UK 100,000 Genomes Project

12.30      Lunch, business/private meetings:  huishoudelijke vergadering VKGN en VKGL

14.00      Parallel sessions

  • Symposium 1A:  VKGL
  • Symposium 1BExtremes   (VKGN & NACGG)

16.00      Coffee – tea break and poster viewing

17.30      Sjoerd Repping (Amsterdam, NL)  -  Current and future reproductive technologies: towards genetically perfect children for all?

18.30      Evening                 Drinks                 Dinner                 Party

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Tuesday October 2, 2018

08.30      Registration (open until 09.30)

08.45      Plenary session

  • 08.45-09.25     Stefan Mundlos (Charité, Germany)  -  Structural Variations, 3D Genome Organization and their Effect on Gene Regulation
  • 09.30-10.10     Karen Temple (Southampton, UK) - Imprinting disorders; new phenotypes and new mechanisms

10.20      Parallel sessions

  • Symposium 2A:  abstract presentations
  • Symposium 2B:  abstract presentations

11.20      Coffee-tea break

11.45      Parallel sessions

  • Symposium 3A:  abstract presentations
  • Symposium 3B:  abstract presentations

12.45      Algemene ledenvergadering NVHG / lunch and poster viewing

14.00      Plenary session

  • 14.00-14.40     Edwin Cuppen (Utrecht, NL)  -  National scale tumor whole genome sequencing for personalized cancer treatment in the Netherlands
  • 14.40-15.20     Giuseppe Testa (Milan, IT)  -  Chasing the molecular logic of neurodevelopmental disorders: insights from patient-specific models at single cell resolution
  • 15.20-16.00     NVHG Galjaard lecture
                           Nine Knoers (Groningen, NL) - Towards the Genetics Clinic of the Future: from
    genetics in kidney diseases to genetics at the heart of healthcare

16.00      Awards:

16.15      Close